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When the ATD serves as constructor, the role of General Contractor is added to the ATD's standard list of tasks. It still offers the direct contractual relationship between Owner and Architect, as in the traditional method, plus the advisory benefits of the ATD-Advisor and eliminates the Owner's administrative burden of managing and paying all the subcontractors and suppliers. The ATD-Constructor is hired early in the design process to deliver pre-construction estimating, and also manages the phasing, schedule, cost, construction and building technology issues. The Owner benefits from the simplicity of a single contract for construction with ATD. In projects where fast-tracking is utilized, this project method can provide the security of a fixed lump sum price, or a GMP (guaranteed maximum price), at an appropriate early stage to satisfy lending institution or similar financial requirements.

In each of the three ATD services' scenarios, the ATD develops bid packages with scopes of work delineated and solicits competitive bids from a pre-qualified subcontractor list. The Owner is an active participant in the bid opening and awarding process, thereby has final say in the selection of subcontractors working on the project.

First,ATD is a general contractor who often performs a great deal of its own work. We bring a strong knowledge base of construction production rates.


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